Custom built sheds forhome office, gym or guest house. Genius.

Need an art studio? Done. Want to earn some rental cash? Easy. Whatever you need, we’ll build something suited perfectly for you.

Will Your Property Qualify?

10′ wide x 20′ long x 14′ tall

285-385 sq ft

1 bedroom & 1 loft


16’ wide x 24’ long
Exterior height: 13’-10 ½”
Ceiling height: slopes 8’-0” – 12’-0”

384 square feet

  • Living/sleeping area
  • Kitchenette & Closet
  • 1 bath with shower, toilet and sink

Size: 14’ x 17’ + carport
Height: 19’-2 ½”

304 square feet

One bedroom
One bath with toilet, sink, and shower
Two levels
Optional Deck


Size: 16’ x 32’
Height: 11’-6”

640 square feet

One bedroom
One bath with shower, sink, and toilet
One level
Kitchen, Island Bar Area
Living Room

The Details

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